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What is Scapegoat?
10-minute documentary about the construction of the full-length animatic
Music composed by Catherine Grealish
The Passion of Judas Iscariot
Scapegoat is a full-length screenplay, written by filmmaker Christopher Julian, about the last years of the life of Jesus, from the point of view of Judas Iscariot—in this version, a young and idealistic teenager. The script is decidedly non-Christian, and places a very different spin on the history, religion and politics of first-century Palestine.

For several years, Chris has been working with a talented team of voice-over actors, visual artists, and a composer, to build pre-production material in the form of an "animatic" (a moving storyboard) of the entire story. The two-hour animatic represents an elaborate working rough cut of the entire project, and it features full-color drawings, basic 2D and 3D animation, sound effects, an original score, and dialogue from the entire script.

The purpose of the animatic is to connect with individuals and companies interested in backing the project financially, so the film can be realized as a live-action work. Those that are interested may contact the team at info (at) scapegoatfilm (dot) net.

Logline: The young and impressionable Judas Iscariot must choose between the traditions of his heritage and the charms of a strange new teacher, who is slowly falling in love with the youth. "The Greatest Story Never Told" — until now.

In prior versions of this website, a pdf of the screenplay was available. Now that the project has sparked greater interest, there is an increasing need to guard the written materal against mass distribution, beyond what is presented in this website.

If you are interested in reading the full version, you may request it by contacting the team at info at scapegoatfilm dot net. Thank you for understanding the need to protect intellectual property.

The adolescent Judas Iscariot lives a sheltered life under the thumb of his strict father, striving to become a Temple Priest. But when he comes to the aid of a stranger, Jude is whisked away into a harsh and unwelcoming world beyond his ken.

This stranger in need slowly becomes a popular teacher among nearby towns, but hides the truth about his own dark and dangerous inner world. Jude is the only one privy to the haunting visions of the future which begin to drive his mentor to madness. As theirconnection unfolds into a deeper passion and love, both of their lives begin to crumble.

Ultimately, Jude must choose between the traditions of his heritage and the love for his mentor and hero, and hope that he is able to save the situation for everyone.

Contact us at:    info (at) scapegoatfilm (dot) net

The Scapegoat screenplay and all related images and text are
© 2000, 2003, 2015 by Christopher Julian.